New Zealand in pictures

A journey round New Zealand in February 2007
24th to 29th day

Day 24 - Rotorua to Auckland

The information centre at Tirau on State Highway 1

The Auckland Museum has a feast of treasures

from all over the Southern Pacific

The marvellous panorama from the top of One Tree Hill in Auckland           View panorama

with the district of Epsom in the foreground

Day 25 - Auckland to the Bay of Islands
  • Stopover at Leigh, said to be the best snorkelling place in the North Island

The Harbour Offices in Paihia

The main street in Paihia
Day 26 - a walk in the Bay of Islands

Looking along the bay

Memorial with the Treaty of Waitingi in Maori on the panels

Looking down the bay

The Maori war conoe at Waitangi

Carvings on the inner side of the columns of the house

Detail of the prow of the war canoe

View from the flagstaff at Waitangi '

The flagstaff with the first Resident's house in the background. The Colonial Secretary in Sydney thought 577 was excessive for this posting, so it was cut down to a 2-room cottage in which the whole family with 4 children slept in the same room.

Reconstruction of the parlour which combined the Resident's office and the living room for the family (below)

Courtyard of the Resident's House, with two later wings (below right)

The sundial commemorating the visit of the Queen to waitangi in 1953

The mangroves in Hutia Creek

Many gnarled old trees of the native forest (right)

Boarded walkways through the mangroves

Many cormorants nesting in trees by the river

Haruru Falls
Day 27 - Around the Bay of Islands
  • All-day boat trip around the Bay of Islands - 40 nautical miles
  • A walk round Russell
  • Weather: fine with some cloud, rain in the late evening

Breakfast with a perfect view

Memorial to a missionary ship launched here

Many sightings of dolphins - though very difficult to photograph

The famous "Hole in the Rock" on Piercy Island

It was only just wide enought to get the boat through

The lighthouse on Cape Brett

The Cathedral Cave, 50 m. long, which one day will become a second hole in the rock

We land for lunch on the largest island (Urapukapuka)

Panorama from the summit of the island
          View panorama

(Vain) attempts to swim with the dolphins

Sail training ship in the harbour at Russell

The walking track to the flagstaff

View of Russell

The sundial near the flagstaff has a mosaic map of the Bay of Islands.

It was built to celebrate the centenary of the NZ Institute of Surveyors in 1988

....more pictures

The 1870 Custom House in Russell with a huge Morton Bay fig planted a few years later

The "Duke of Marlborough" hotel on the front
Day 28 - Rest day in the Bay of Islands
  • Walk to the lookout above Pahaia
  • Weather: fine with some cloud

The comfortable sitting room in our hotel had a wall-to-ceiling mirror

so we thought we would pay homage to David Hockney

This short walk starts at the end of School Road in Pahaia

and takes about half an hour to the top

View from the look-out

Day 29 - Return to Auckland
  • Drive down the east coast
  • Visit to 2 Kauri reserves
  • Visit to the Kauri Museum
  • Weather: fine

Andy and Maggie's house in Auckland

early next morning as we depart for the airport

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