Two sundials in the Botanical Gardens, Christchurch
In the Rose Gardens

In the herbaceous border

Sundial at Wanaka, South Island

Sundial at the Top House Hotel near St. Arnaud, South Island

Sundial at Richmond, South Island

The sundial is in a small public garden on the main street of Richmond, one block from the shopping centre

The slit in the cylindical gnomon is a very interesting feature. The gnomon can be rotated with a wheel at its base, and that produces a line of light to give the exact time on the dialplate

There is a very good explanation of the Equation of Time and the difference between sun time and watch time

and a long list of the organisations who contributed to this very interesting sundial project
Sundial at Picton, South Island

The sundial outside Picton church with the touching motto
Be as true to each other
As the dial is to the sun

Picton is at the head of the very long Queen Charlotte Sound, and has the Inter-Islander ferry which connects with Wellington in the North Island

Sundial at Waitangi, Bay of Islands

The sundial commemorating the visit of the Queen to waitangi in 1953

Sundial at Flagstaff Hill, Russell, Bay of Islands

The sundial is at the top of Flagstaff Hill, which is well signposted. From the flagstaff, walk down to the car park and continue on the path on the other side of the car park

The sundial was built to celebrate the centenary of the NZ Institute of Surveyors in 1988

The dialplate is a mosaic map of the Bay of Islands shown in more detail below

This section shows Pahaia at the foot of the picture, and the Russell peninsula at top right

The shadow line is very clear (left) though the splayed gnomon (above) means that it will not show the time accurately for an hour or so either side of noon

and there is a stunning view over the Bay of Islands

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