New Zealand in pictures

A journey round New Zealand in February 2007
10th to 18th day

Day 10 - Queenstown to Te Anau
  • Visit to Arrowtown,an old gold rush own, and its restored Chinese dwellings
  • The Kingston Flyer
  • View from our room at the Campbell Auto Lodge, the best place to stay in New Zealand
  • Weather: fine
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The dry creek bed on the edge of the Chinese village

View from our bedroom at the Campbell Auto Lodge

looking out over Lake Te Anau

The main street of Te Anau
Day 11 - Milford Sound and back to Te Anau
  • Early start for the long drive to Milford Sound
  • Spectacular boat trip around the Sound
  • Visit to the Underwater Marine Laboratory
  • "-hur round trip walk to Key Summit (which we had done in wet weather as the first part of the Routeburn
  • Weather: a brilliantly fine day

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Long cloud over Lake Te Anau in the early morning

The boat which takes you to the start of the Milford trail on the other side of the lake

Reflections of the mountains in Mirror Lake

A kea looking for food from tourists (much discouraged)

The Cloddau River which has bored out

these extraordinary shapes in the rock

Boats at the jetty at Milford Sound

Seals enjoying the sunshine

Kayaks in the Sound - looked like hard work

Mural explaining how the layer of fresh rainwater cuts out the light to the salt water below, and thus causes the "black coral" to grow at much shallower depths

The "black coral" is actually white when it is alive but goes black when dead

This valley is the end of the Milford Trail

Interesting patterns of light and shade at the Terminal

Repeating our previous walk to Key Summit

These 5 pictures are a 180 degree panorama from the summit

Distant view of Lake Marian - a "hanging valley" formed by a glacier
Day 12 - Te Anau to Twizel
  • Visit to the Kawarau Gorge Mining Centre
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Pelton's Patent Hurdy-Gurdy water wheel. This undershot whell develops 4 horsepower.

The patent related to the divider which sends the water out sideways rather than straight back, and thus develops 30% more power. A simple device with a very powerful effect.

The Chinese workers who came after the initial rush to rework the goldfields built more substantial huts than the lean-tos of the original miners

Five stamp mill quartz crusher, relocated from Glenorchy in 1985

Water jet for washing out gold-bearing silt

Gold panning demonstration. The pan is zinc-plated and has ridges all round the rim. First you wash out all the fine silt. Then, with the pan tipped away from you, slide the lighter pebbles out. When you are left with the heavy fine silt, swirl round with a "wave motion" and the tiny flecks (or very occasionally small nuggets) of gold become visible in the lowest part of the pan.

Old stationary steam engine

Masses of roadside lupins to liven up a rather parched landscape

Memorial to the first deep introduced into Otago. They adapted far too well, and eventually because pests. Many of the wild deer have recently been captures, and they are now farmed for venison.
Day 13 - Twizel to Christchurch via Mount Cook
  • Superb views of Mount Cook in the early morning
  • Walking the Sealy Tarns track (3 to 4 hours, it took us 4 hours and 15 mins)
  • 365 km
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Day 14 -Christchurch to Hanmer Springs
  • Tom and Rona's house in Christchurch
  • Thermal baths at Hanmer Springs and the museum
  • Weather: cloudy with occasional showers and some sunny spells
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The thermal baths

Main street of Hanmer Springs

The Karter Kollection Museum



and hundreds of other things as well
Day15 - Hanmer Springs to St. Arnaud
  • Nature trail at the foot of the St James Walkway
  • Maruia Springs thermal spa
  • Weather: cloudy with occasional showers and some sunny spells
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Sundew (Drosera arcturi)

Turpentine scrub (Dracophyllum uniflorum)

Bog pine with male cones (Halocarpus bidwillii)

Daisy leaves with protective cover against sunburn

Spider's nest, with young spiders just hatched)


The pool at Maruia Springs

Maruia Falls, formed by an earthquake

Evening walk to the Peninsula on Lake Rotoiti

Day 16 - St. Arnaud to Kaiteriteri
  • Chalet at the Yellow Hut, St. Arnaud
  • Short walk up Mount Robert
  • Weather: early cloud clearing to a nice sunny day
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New Zealand bracken (Pteridium esculentum) The Maoris make a kind of bread out of the rhizomes

Marbleleaf (Maori:Putaputaweta)

New Zealand bluebell (Wahlenberdia albomarginata)

The same flower (in non-bluebell mode)


Cloud mist on grasses

Kanuka - White Tea Tree (used by the early Maori to make the shafts of bird spears)

Day 17 - the Abel Tasman track from Bark Bay to Marahau
  • Marahau to Bark Bay by water taxi
  • Bark Bay to Torrent Bay (7.8 km - 2 to 3 hours)
  • Torrent Bay to Anchorage Hut ( low tide route (1 km - 20 mins)(4 km. at high tide)
  • Achorage Hut to Marahau (11.5 km - 3 to 4 hours)
  • Weather: cloudy but warm - ideal for walking
Home & map

Low tide at Marahau

They bring your taxi to the door

The "split apple" rock

Starting out from Bark Bay - the track is very well maintained with no steep or stony sections

Tree fern (left)

Rimu - red pine


Torrent Bay

Grey heron

In another hour, all of this sand between Torrent Bay and Anchorage will be under water

Tide-sculptured rocks which could have been the work of Gaudi

Anchorage Bay



Looking back - the start of the Abel Tasman trail from the south at Marahau

Sculpture of the Maori king of the gods - done in situ
Day 18 - rest day in Kaiteriteri